Tale the Rapper is an artist and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The style differs between each new track and it’s clear that Tale the Rapper is influenced by various genres.

He has released many EP’s and singles throughout the years and was previously called by the artist name Nakes.

He has been featured on Swedish national radio stations on several occasions as well as performing live on air twice.

Tale the Rapper has been on many stages performing his music and was the artist who, when Hopsin came to Stockholm, got to share the stage with Hopsin and perform mid-set.

Tale the Rapper has had some international success since he got booked on Live at Heart NF in Canada and featured Bara Jonson & Free’s single “Hello Newfoudland” which was praised in Canada and was rewritten in Cashbox Magazine. He played at Scandinavia’s largest showcase festival Live at Heart in Örebro, Sweden and with it managed to be booked on New Skool Rules which is the world’s largest showcase festival for urban music and is visited by the largest producers in the genre. New Skool Rules takes place May 17-19 in 2019 in Rotterdam, Holland. Behind the name Tale the Rapper is Robin Svensson who started his career in the suburbs of Stockholm.

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